Bringing in the Tropicals

OK- I may be a day or two late for this post.  We all knew that frost was coming, but well I procrastinated.  You still have a chance to save those tropical marginals.  Over the summer months, we let those beautiful plants filter our ponds by placing them in rocks, which allows them to keep our water clear.  Typically, prior to the first frost, we will move those tropicals indoors to keep a bit of the ponds with us all winter long.  We replant the pond plant into regular potting soil (You know the kind we would NEVER use in the pond!) in a decorative no hole container.  The best places are in sunny location with a weekly dose of water.  It does not need to be in standing water.  Just keep the soil moist.  Here are some of my favorite tropical pond plants to bring indoors:  The ChiChi Bluebell plant, umbrella or papyrus plants, and of course don’t forget those hanging baskets and outdoor container plants!