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I don’t have a lot of trees. Do I need to cover my pond?

  Leaf netting is great for keeping out leaves, but it also keeps out the great blue heron.  In the fall when the plants are dying back, the fish do not have the normal plant cover and can be easily spotted by the big bird.  We reccommend keeping the pond net on the pond until early spring to keep the bird at bay.  We have pond tents that help keep the net off of the water and prevents the weight of the leaves from pulling the net into the water.  Netting and tents are in stock at the store.

Should I use a deicer, bubbler, or both to maintain a ice opening this winter?


You need to chose one method that is working. Deicers provide a small opening in the ice to allow the gases to escape from the pond.  Most units sold are low wattage and create just a small vent hole in the ice.  If the pond is large, multiple units may be used. The bubbler has advantages over the deicer in that it has lower energy usage and does a better job of degassing the pond especially when larger fish are present in the pond.  The compressor unit should be off the ground and covered to protect it from the elements and cannot tolerate being submersed.   Several deicers and aeration systems are in stock at the store.

Featured Product: Pond Monsta pond vac


The Pond Monsta is on display & on sale at the store.  You can view a video of it in use at This is a continuous cleaning system that is faster tahn traditional pond vacuums that have to be emptied.  Leaves & other debris are sucked up through the system & pumped into a debris collector.  Water from the collector can be recycled back into the pond if sludge content is not high.  For high sludge content, water can be discharged onto the lawn or flower beds.  It includes a powerful . . .Read more

115 v, 350 w motor with a 40′ power cord

Remote control on/off button built into handle

Spare impeller included w/ every unit

submersible vacuum head

20′ discharge head

7′ telescoping aluminum handle

Debris collection basket