Plant Care for Winter

Hardy Water Lilies & Lotus are easily wintered.   Trim back the yellowing leaves and ensure the lilies are in a depth where their roots will not freeze solid.  Remove any dead leaves and stems.

Hardy Marginal Plants can survive as long as they stay in the pond.  These plants include irises, sweet flag, pickeral rush and horsetails.  Prune them back after frost leaving about 2″ the the stem above the water’s surface.  The crown of the plant should be underwater.

Tropical Marginal Plants cannot survive our cold winters, but most can be easily brought indoors before the first frost.  Choose a sunny location and keep the plant well watered.  The umbrella palm, papyrus varieties, cannas, blue bells, and taro all do well indoors.  We recommend planting them in potting soil in a solid decorative container and water them once weekly while they are indoors.  They can be moved outside, typically Mid May, after rinsing the potting soil from their roots and repotting them in pea gravel.

Floating Tropical Plants cannot survive our cold winters and are not easily overwintered.  Discard these plants after the first frost so they do not become debris on the pond’s bottom.