Heirloom Tomatoes

Not exactly pond related . . .but we did sell tomato plants this spring.  Remember those great grafted heirloom tomatoes I may have pointed out to you in the greenhouse?  Wow!  They are amazing.  The growers grafted a heirloom tomato to a good root stock tomato and what does that mean?  It means a yummy, very productive, fruit bearing plant!  Care should be taken to ensure that the graft remains above the planting line unlike typical tomatoes where you take off the lower branches and plant it in for a better root system.  I have been swimming in tomatoes . . .and this is good, very good:).  But I am now thinking cold and unfortunately white stuff and that typically means no more garden tomatoes.  I was unsure what I wanted to can for winter.  Salsa? Tomato soup or sauce?  So I went whole tomatoes so I can decide later. I pulled out that handy dandy Ball canning book and rolled up my sleeves.

canned tomatoes 1canned tomatoes

What are you doing with all of your garden crop?