My Pond Has Foam: What’s Going On?

Your pond looks great and one morning you wake up and it looks like a neighbor kid put laundry soap in your pond.  What happened?  Well, there is several reasons for the foam, but rarely and gratefully, it typically has nothing to do with the neighbor kid!  The foam is due to extra protein in the water.  Here are some common reasons for the foam on the pond.

1.  Your fish may be spawning.  During spawning, the females will lay eggs into the water while the male will fertilize them.  All this reproductive activity may cause a temporary foaming and very active fish.

2.  You are overfeeding your fish.

3. You have too many fish.

4.  You have lots of organic debris and fish waste in the pond.

To eliminate the pond foam, you can use a pond defoamer.  These products are safe for the pond, but it is only a temporary solution.  Try to take care of the cause of the extra protein in the pond.  You can back down or eliminate your fish feedings, reduce your fish population, or clean out the organic debris.