Fall Fishing update

Looking over the dock, you can watch all the stocked varieties of fish go swimming by.  All the ponds, including the fishing hole, are crystal clear.  There are tons of baby large mouth bass from the spring hatch.  There are a handful of hybrid stripers.  Sunfish & catfish, too!  Chicken livers are working well for all the species especially the channel & bull head catfish.  A large 8 lb channel was just reeled in for a birthday party guest!

AnchorAnchorBe sure to book your autumn birthday or scout party now.  Once the weather turns and stays cool, we will stock 300+ rainbow trout for catch and purchase. Sign up for our email newsletter for our October  stocking date!

Plant Care for Winter

Hardy Water Lilies & Lotus are easily wintered.   Trim back the yellowing leaves and ensure the lilies are in a depth where their roots will not freeze solid.  Remove any dead leaves and stems.

Hardy Marginal Plants can survive as long as they stay in the pond.  These plants include irises, sweet flag, pickeral rush and horsetails.  Prune them back after frost leaving about 2″ the the stem above the water’s surface.  The crown of the plant should be underwater.

Tropical Marginal Plants cannot survive our cold winters, but most can be easily brought indoors before the first frost.  Choose a sunny location and keep the plant well watered.  The umbrella palm, papyrus varieties, cannas, blue bells, and taro all do well indoors.  We recommend planting them in potting soil in a solid decorative container and water them once weekly while they are indoors.  They can be moved outside, typically Mid May, after rinsing the potting soil from their roots and repotting them in pea gravel.

Floating Tropical Plants cannot survive our cold winters and are not easily overwintered.  Discard these plants after the first frost so they do not become debris on the pond’s bottom.

FEATURED POND: George & Barb Thompson, Hatfield


According to the Barb Thompson, their pond gets better each year.  They loved it so much the following year they dug the pondless waterfall that is seen in the background so that they could enjoy the sound at night from their bedroom . Everyone thinks its connected somehow to the pond since they created the dry creek between the two to pull it all together. George wasn’t particularly happy about another couple tons of stone to move just to improve the view for Barb! Anyway he loves taking credit for the view today. They credit Center Point Pond with being very helpful and patient over the years answering all their questions. Barb love taking pics throughout the season because she print them out and post them as her homepage and around her house and office to remind her what it will be again next year during the cold gray bleak winter.  Thanks for sharing your pond and inspiring others!  You can upload your pond photos to our Facebook page.


Hyacinths are IN!

Water hyacinths are in!  It has been a wonderful spring and we are ready for your pond needs.  We have the water hyacinths, tropical and hardy marginal plants, water lilies, and lotus available.  The water lettuce should be arriving shortly.

Be sure to mark you calendars for this year’s pond tour:  Saturday, June 26th.

Anglers are catching large mouth bass, sunfish, and catfish.  There are still trout and hybrids available, but do have a back up dinner plan:).

We’re back!

We stocked the pond with 500 lbs of trout this past Thursday, March 11 and began regular business hours 7 day/week. The rain has kept all but the hardy anglers away, but warmer weather is coming:).

To Run the Pond Pump or Not? That is the question.

Of course, you have covered the pond, completed filter cleaning, brought in any tropical marginals, trimmed the plants, started feeding the spring/autumn food, have Autumn Winter prep, and a method of creating an ice opening this winter.  ( OK- if you haven’t you still have a bit more time) BUT, should you run the pump or not this winter? We typically recommend shutting down the pump over the winter months sometime in late December, early January and restarting it in mid March to April.  Although some customers enjoy running their pumps year round and get very cool ice sculptures from it, there are some concerns.  The first is the chance of ice dams forming in the waterfall & creek.  This can cause a water to leak from the pond and cause a significant water level drop.  No one enjoys going out to try to refill the pond on a cold winter day when all the spigots are winterized.  The second is the chilling effect on the fish.  The fish are in the warmer bottom section of the pond and the pump circulation is reducing the water temperature for the fish.

Trout Stocked 10/15/2009

300 lbs of rainbow trout were released into the pond on October 15th.  It is a great time to bring out the family or scouts for some fishing fun.  Please come as you are with a desire to fish . . .we’ll help out with rest!  Admission pricing as well as information on tying a fishing knot & trout recipes can be found on our website.  This is a great place for families, birthday parties, scouts and corporate team building.

Pond Leaks- Let’s find the source

It is not uncommon to hear customers worry about pond leaks. There are steps that you can take to help find the source of the leak. The internet tells pond owners to add milk to the pond . . .please don’t believe everything you read on the internet! We have yet to determine a leak with the help of milk:o).

First, fill the pond up to the ideal level. If you have a skimmer, this is typically the second from the top screwhead on the skimmer faceplate. Turn off all pumps and fountains. Do you still lose water? How much in what time period?

Refill the pond up again to the ideal level with one pump running? Continue to do this with each pump.

If the pond only loses water with the pumps on, you can start looking for depressed liners in the pond creek and waterfall areas. Check your biological waterfall box, if you have one. They will sometimes overgrow with aquatic plants and dam up the front of the box causing water to spill out the back of the box. Once the obvious is checked, you can check tubing. Spiral tubing tends to crack between the ribs causing leaks.

If the pond leaks even with the pumps off, you need to consider a damaged liner. Check for vermin damage, sharp object damage, and box connections. Liner can be patched using a liner patch kit.

It is common for ponds to lose 2-4 inches of water a week due to evaporation. You can replace this by using a hose or by use of a pond water autofill.

Spring Green Algae

Yes, it is that time again. . . .spring green algae time. What should you do? The pond fish are waking up from their winter rest and the plants are just starting to grow. Because there are often more nutrients in the water than the plants are using, it is common to have green tinged water. The quick fix for green algae is to use a “safe for plants & fish” algaecide like Algaefix or Green Clean along with a beneficial bacteria. Typically you will see results within 24-48 hours. It is important to use this as a quick fix and make sure that your pond is properly planted. You may also utilize a UV sterilizer. These UV lights “zap” the green single celled algaes, but has no effect on string algaes. Again, it is important to remember to plant your pond properly utilizing plants as filters. Properly planting a pond will help keep your pond water clear and healthy.