Winter Garden

This year we had a great garden.  Some years, the weeds outnumbered the vegetables, but not this year:).  We put together a raised garden loosely following square foot garden principles.  We had a bountiful harvest.  Knowing that the frost was coming (and now here and gone before this post- sorry), we wanted to extend our garden season.  I watched a few  youtube videos with this one being my favorite,  I liked the simplicity of it, but I knew storage of it would be difficult during the summer.  So, I improvised a bit. I found everything I needed at the local hardware store running into at least three of you:).  Yep, I was the one awkwardly carrying 10 foot sections of pex tubing through the store! I chose not to hinge or build a bottom frame for the cold frame since I wanted storage to be simple. I ended up using the staple gun to secure the plastic sheeting on the one side and using sticky tape and rocks on the other side for easy access.  Project rated easy since it took under an hour to complete and I didn’t need to call in backup.

You can see my progress by clicking on the photo.

My lettuce are all tucked in for the frosty evenings and we’ll be all set in the spring to get a jump start on vegetables!  I am going to backtrack and invest in a vent.  Day 1 it was pretty warm in the bed and I would hate to fry my romaine lettuce.  What plants do you like to grow in the fall?