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Weed Razer Pro Aquatic Plant Cutter


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he Weed Razer Pro is ideal for cattails, milfoil and lily pads. The lake and pond weed cutter, Weed Razer Pro is adjustable, cutting from 12 inches all the way up to 62 inches or 1.57 meters. This versatility makes it the perfect tool for just about every type of lake or pond weed. We have preserved the efficiency and effectiveness of the WeedRazer while adding tremendous versatility and convenience. The Weed Razer Pro is ideal for cattails, milfoil and lily pads. Razor sharp blades can cut and shear through water weeds with ease. Using the Weed Razer Pro is a simple process: 1.Give it a toss 2.Let it sink 3.Pull it in 4.Repeat 5.Fold it up for easy storage The Weed Razer Pro clears a path up to 62" wide with each throw. Weighing in at less than 9 pounds it is light enough to toss 30 feet or more yet heavy enough to sink to the bottom. •Able to cut in deep or shallow water •Cuts at the base of the weeds •There is little resistance because it slices the water weeds rather than dragging them If you have lake or pond weeds, then the WeedRazer is the perfect tool for you. Product Specification Blade: 32 inches; After assembly 62 inches across Handle: 65 inches Rope: 25 feet Total weight: Less than 9 lbs / 3.7 kg

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