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We had a pond installed late last summer and we could never control the pea soup water. Talked to Pam about our dilemma and she suggested that we that go natural with plants in the spring. After we opened the pond the fish and water were ok. We started to treat the water using Nualgi and beneficial bacteria and the water started getting better every week. We visited center Point Pond and Pam directed us to plants that we could use in the waterfall, pond and the bog area. We placed the waterfall plants, water lettuce, Hyacinth and planted the blog plants. We started to cut back on the Nualgi and beneficial bacteria over the next few weeks. The water became so clear and clean that we could see down to the bottom (4 feet). It has remained that way ever since and we even introduced 5 new fish. Our biggest problem now is thinning out the in pond plants.
We fully appreciate Pam's knowledge of ponds, plants and how to use them in a natural setting. Our 6 Shubunkin and 1 comet are all doing extremely well and the water clarity and balance is excellent.
I would recommend Center point ponds to anyone who is either starting a new pond or having problems with their existing pond, to stop there and talk to Pam. She knows her stuff!!
Alex DiGiacomo
We put in our koi pond last year and the owners of Center Point Pond answered all our questions, guided us through the different water treatments, proper fish care and their selection of plants is awesome! It didn't matter if we made a purchase one day or not, they still answered our questions with a smile and a lot of helpful information. Very friendly atmosphere, good family setting (lots of fishing fun) and an attractive display of everything they have to offer----if you like to fish or our thinking of putting in a water feature at your house (or already have one), this is the place to go for everything.
David & Cindy C.

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