Water Gardening & Fishing: What Great Combination!

Plant Availability List

Plant availability may vary. If a specific variety is desired, please call to avoid disappointment. If the desired plant is not available, we will be happy to assist you with a similar plant in regards to color, tuber type and growing habit to that desired.
   Baby Doll
  Ben Gibson
  Carolina Queen
  Chawan Basu
  Debbie Gibson
  Giant Sunburst
  Momo Botam
  Mrs. Perry Slocum
  Pekinessis Rubra

Water lilies

  Almost Black
  James Brydon
  Little Champion
  Perrys Baby Red
  Charlene Strawn
  Texas Dawn
   Lemon Chiffon

  Marliac White
  Perry's White Star

  American Star
  Laydekeri Rosea
  Perry's Fire Opal
  Perry's Pink Beauty
  Pink Opal
  Pink Starlet
  Rose Arey

 Orange/ Peach
  Carolina Sunset

Water Lilies (cont)
 Tropical Water Lilies
  (Available early / mid June)

 Day Bloomers
  Rhonda Kay
  King of Siam

 Night Bloomers
   Red Flare

   Rose De Noche

Hardy Marginals
Arrowhead, Giant
Broom Sedge
Bulrush, Variegated
Cardinal Flower, Blue
Cardinal Flower, Red
Cattail, Common
Cattail, Graceful
Cattail, Miniature Chameleon Plant
Corkscrew Rush
Cotton Grass
Creeping Buttercup
Dwarf Bamboo
Flat Blade Rush
Fringed Sedge
Golden Club
Iris, Blue Flag
Iris, Louisiana Hybrid assorted
Iris, Purple Gamecock
Iris, Variegated
Iris, Yellow
Japanese Blood Grass
Lizard's Tail
Monkey Flower
Parrots Feather
Pickerel Rush, Blue
Pickerel Rush, White
Rush, Variegated Striped
Soft Rush

Hardy Marginals (continued)

Soft Rush
Swamp Hibiscus
Sweet flag, Common
Sweet flag, Dwarf Golden Variegated
Sweet flag, Variegated
Thalia Debata
Variegated Rush
Water Celery, Variegated
Water Clover, Lobbed
Water Clover, Variegated
Water Mint
Zebra Rush Floating Plants
(Available early/mid May)
Water Hyacinths
Water Lettuce Lily Like Plants
Floating Heart
Water Hawthorne Oxygenators
Parrot's Feather Tropical Marginals
(Available early / mid May)
Dwarf Papyrus
Dwarf Umbrella Palm
Giant Sensitive Fern
Star Grass
Taro, Green
Taro, Imperial
Taro, Violet Stem
Umbrella Palm
Yellow Water Snowflake

PomPom Papyrus

Water Poppy


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