Water Gardening & Fishing: What Great Combination!

Plant Care


Use a heavy clay based garden soil since it doesn’t float and foul the water

Cover with 1” of pea gravel to keep soil in and fish out.


Potted water plants benefit from periodic fertilizing. We recommend slow release aquatic plant tablets. Keep the fertilizer away from the root, which may burn and kill the plant.


Aquatic plants, in general, have very aggressive root systems. They become root bound quickly, loose vigor, and stop blooming. Use large containers and divide and repot in early spring. Saturate pot with water and lower slowly into the pond.

Hardy Water Lilies

8-20” of water over soil

6 hours of direct sun is ideal

10 quart container or larger, No baskets

The bigger the container, the more blooms you’ll get

Do not bury growing tip

Leaves last approximately 2 weeks, turn yellow, and die with new leaves forming

Flowers last 2-4 days and then die with new buds forming below water’s surface

Watch for aphids & caterpillars

Trim dead foliage

Hardy Lotus

6-12” of water over soil

Full sun

Large 30 quart container or larger, No baskets

Do not bury growing tip, which is very fragile

Watch for aphids and caterpillars, Never spray leaves with chemicals or oils

Do NOT plant in natural ponds due to their invasive nature

Trim dead foliage above water line

Marginal/Bog Plants

0-6”of water over soil depending on variety

Shade to full sun depending on variety

1 quart containers or larger. Frequent repotting needed for small containers.

Plant aggressive plants in baskets using only pea gravel to create a natural filter.

If planted in basket, do not use fertilizer tablets

Trimming dead foliage above the water line, submerge below ice for winter.

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