Water Gardening & Fishing: What Great Combination!

Seasonal Pond Care

Note: All Ponds are unique. These recommendations are generalized.


Run filters, aerators, pumps for 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

Make periodic water exchanges (approx. 10% every 2 weeks) using dechlorinator to remove chlorine, if needed.

Keep filters clear of muck and debris.

Remove dead plant foliage as needed.

Fertilize plants as package directs starting in the spring & stopping in late summer.

Check new pond chemistry including salt level, ammonia, pH, nitrites, nitrates every 2 weeks.

Late Fall

Complete pond/filter cleaning.

Submerge plants below ice level (12” is usually good for marginals and 20-24” for water lilies/lotus).

Trim plants of dead foliage above water line.

Cover pond with leaf netting before leaves fall.

Begin spring/autumn food feeding as temperatures drop.

Stop feeding fish when water temperature drops below 50° F.

Provide a method of creating an opening in ice for gas exchange ie. Floating deicer, bubbler.

Use Fall/Winter bacteria treatment.

Check pond chemistry esp. salt level.


Turn off pumps and filters and bring pump indoors.

Keep leaves out.

Keep ice open. Do not feed fish even during warm spells.

Early Spring

Clean out any leaves or debris and clean filter.

Start up pumps and aerators and add bacteria product.

Test water chemistry often.

Provide a 0.1-0.3% salt level.

Wait for water temperature to consistently be above 50° before lightly feeding fish with spring/autumn food.

Wait for late spring/summer to introduce new livestock.

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