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Sonar RTU quart

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Sonar RTU quart
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Sonar will remove unwanted weeds from your lake or pond for a year or longer with a single treatment. No other aquatic herbicide on the planet is more effective on duckweed. Unlike other aquatic herbicides, Sonar has no restrictions on water use after application. Check the label for irrigation precautions. Sonar interrupts the plants ability to make food. You will see the plant turn white. Full effects of the treatment take 30-90 days. Sonar RTU selectively manages undesirable aquatic vegetation for a year or longer and is recommended for use in water bodies with soft or muck bottoms. Sonar RTU is easy to apply and will provide season-long enjoyment of your pond. Sonar RTU is available for immediate uptake into the target plants and is the ideal choice in waterbodies with minimal water flow and when targeting strands of floating vegetation such as duckweed. Water treated with Sonar RTU will not harm any wildlife in or around your pond and can be used immediately for swimming or fishing.

You’ll apply half of the total dose on day one, then return 21 and 42 days later to add the rest. Simply apply Sonar RTU at two to four locations around the water body each time and the unique formulation of Sonar RTU will disperse throughout the water.

Please contact us if you  assistance identifying the nuisance aquatic weed, & proper product to use for the target plant.

We know that Sonar RTU sounds to good to be true, but we have assisted many homeowners with were troubled with duckweed and other nuisance aquatic weeds who were thrilled with the no mix, no mess of this product.

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