What We Do and Sell

We are your one stop water garden store and pond installation/service center

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned water gardener, you’ll enjoy our colorful display & selection of plants and pond supplies.

We Sell

Aquatic plants
  Hardy & Tropical Water lilies
  Hardy Lotus
  Hardy & Tropical Marginal/Bog Plants

Water Gardening Supplies
  Complete Pond Kits
  Pond Liner, cut to size & boxed
  Pumps & filters
  Plumbing fittings
  Nets & netting
  Lake aeration equipment

Pond Accessories

Fish & Other Pond Critters
  Common & Select Koi
  Snails & Tadpoles
We Do

Pond Installations & Service
  Complete residential pond installations
  Commercial pond installations
  Pool to pond conversions
  Pond clean outs and servicing for our installations

  Consultation for commercial/residential water features
  Consultation for natural lake management

Local Pond Tour
  A fun community event to raise money for a charity and promote the joys of water gardening.

Online Pond Store
  Just in case you are too far away to visit!